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No.1 Training Solutions Provider for Commercial Cleaning Companies

Are you an Owner of Cleaning Business?

Well this is the 'Holy Grail' that you’ve been waiting for!  


Presenting the Ultimate; 


'Geeks Guide Training Solutions'


Training Packages created specifically for the Cleaning Industry aimed at Sales, Marketing and Contract Management.

Cleaning Alliance Group is the Premier 'Virtual Training Solutions' provider dedicated to partnering alongside Commercial Cleaning Companies.  

With over 34 years combined experience within the B2B Lead Generation, Sales, Marketing and Contract Management industries, we are the experts when it comes to creating effective, bespoke learning programmes for connecting Businesses with their Customers.  

We aid and facilitate cleaning companies with business acquisition and retention by imparting our specialist knowledge to Educate and Empower your Sales, Marketing and Contract Management Teams on how to convert leads and increase revenue. We are very adept at providing professional and targeted training that produce the desired results. We help our clients to overcome the challenges that they face in acquiring ‘Quality Leads' and retaining 'Lucrative Contracts'.  


If you want to DRIVE your Business Forward and take it to Next Level, then these Training Packages are a MUST.   

Innovative Training Solutions Designed By Industry Experts

Whether you intend to target large or small companies, we will be teaching your teams our ‘Efficient and Streamlined’ approach which are tried and tested strategies and techniques that we know work.


With our wealth of experience, expertise and insight, we have created a bespoke solution that is absolutely ‘Unique’ and ‘One of a Kind’ that delivers proven results from re-targeting existing customers to generating new leads. 


Our Training Packages are ideal to compliment and support your existing strategies.  

We Implement Strategies That Work

Our process differs from any other sales training companies in three very significant ways: 


  1. The solution we offer is the most Complete and Comprehensive package on the market TODAY! And is designed to be very Client Centric and Customer Friendly. It contains super effective Sales, Marketing and Contract Managing techniques used by INDUSTRY EXPERTS that will not only have your clients lining up to give you their business, but also includes everything that you need to know on how to manage and run a profitable cleaning contract effectively, efficiently and smoothly, but more importantly, how to keep your CLIENTS HAPPY and how to keep your cleaners MOTIVATED and PRODUCTIVE, helping to take your business to the next level. 
  2. 30 Minute FREE Phone Consultation is also included, where we will provide you with a 'Performance Evaluation Analysis', in order to ascertain and identify the most Effective Training Package for Your Business.  
  3. Our focus is on creating 'Intelligent Conversations' that are not only very Industry and Sector Specific, but also 'Permission Based', allowing your Team to have that 'True Authenticity' to represent your Company in a Professional and Proficient manner.  


Delivering our ‘High Impact’ Sales, Marketing and Contract Management Training Packages to your team will be a complete ‘GAME CHANGER’! 

Our virtual platform is structured to generate rapid results to ensure more productivity, more qualified meetings, more sales. more revenue and ultimately more PROFITS!


We believe in a collaborative approach and look to work in partnership with you - helping you to achieve your commercial objectives. 


Place your order TODAY and utilise our Exclusive Training Packages to Transform Your Business!  


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