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This is the ‘Icing on the Cake’ where we will educate and empower your Contract Management Team on everything that they need to know about how to run a contract efficiently, smoothly and how to keep your Clients and Cleaners Happy. 


The last thing you want is to lose a lucrative contract!  


Contract managing is of paramount importance in terms of business retention, and in my opinion, it is just as important if not more so than business acquisition. It is therefore imperative that you ensure that everything that is highlighted in this package is closely observed and utilised. 

We will be covering the 6 following categories; 


  1. Managing the Expectations and Personalities of your clients 
  2. Managing the Expectations and Personalities of your staff
  3. Recognising and Rewarding your staff 
  4. Ensuring a high level of service is maintained through regular supervision and audits 
  5. Regular client visits to discuss any areas of improvement/ satisfaction levels in order to add value and improve client relationships 
  6. Dealing with Complaints/ Issues - Escalation Procedure

Some of the bonuses included are;

  • Cleaning Checklist 
  • Communication Log 
  • Induction Checklist 
  • Audit Sheet 

.............Plus many more! 

This really is an Absolute Must for your Contract Management Team in order to Keep Satisfied Clients as well as Motivating Staff

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