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This program will give your Field Sales Team the absolute edge on how to conduct themselves in a manner that will ‘Seal The Deal’


The face to face appointment is the 'Discovery Stage' where your team actually gets to meet the client and view their premises.  


This part of the sales process is of paramount importance in
representing your company and your offerings and how you will provide a solution to the current challenges that the clients are facing. 


This is also a very crucial time where your field sales team will learn how to build rapport, in a very short time, and form a relationship with your prospective customers allowing them to have an understanding of their issues and pains, as well as understanding their levels of expectations, but more importantly, how to articulate your Company's Complete Solutions Package that will address all of their concerns. 


This package will include insights and expert advice in the following areas; 

1. How to Dress For Success  

2. Essential Field Sales Tools Kit  

3. 'Pain/ Issues to Solution' Script – An Absolute Must!  


Your team needs to be adequately prepared in order to represent your business in a compelling fashion. We have therefore included many bonuses; 

· Follow up Email Template to Confirm Appointment  

· Introductory Call To the Client – How to Prepare for the Onsite Visit  

· How to Produce an Effective and Powerful Power Point Presentation 

..............Plus many more! 


This is where your Field Sales Team will Learn The Industry Secrets! 

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